Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Licensed Professional Engineer

Licensed Land Surveyor

Served clients in all Counties of the 19th District and beyond

Past President - Virginia Association of Surveyors (VAS)

Legislative Liaison to the Virginia Senate and House for 12 years on behalf of VAS

Introduced and amended legislation before the Senate and House of Delegates

Testified on and amended regulations before Senate and House of Delegates

Small Business Owner for over 23 years

Served 12 years on the Danville Planning Commission, 4 years as Chairman

Successfully promoted job creation through regional cooperation

Helped with job creation through service on the Danville Pittsylvania County Regional  Industrial Facilities Authority

Elected to Danville City Council

I currently serve on Danville City Council, where I was elected in May of 2008. As a member of City Council, I serve on the Danville-Pittsylvania Regional Industrial Facility Authority, Danville-Pittsylvania County Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Danville Utility Commission.

I served as Legislative Chairman and Liaison for the Virginia Association of Surveyors from 1997 until 2009. During the twelve years in that position, I appeared before House of Delegate and Virginia Senate committees and members to introduce, promote and shape many bills affecting engineering, land surveying, real estate, competitive bidding, environmental regulations and the homebuilding industry.

While serving on the Planning Commission, I worked with City Council and City Staff to develop the City’s 2020 Land Use Plan, which is the City’s Vision for the Future. We also rewrote the City Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance. This process took more than three years and involved public hearings across the City. 

I am a strong proponent of regional cooperation. Through my appointment to the Danville-Pittsylvania Regional Industrial Facility Authority and the Danville-Pittsylvania County Metropolitan Planning Organization, I have seen and experienced the results that can be achieved through municipalities working together.


Dedicated to limited government, low taxes and fewer government regulations

which are essential to private sector job creation that  drives our economy.


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